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2016-11-23 18:55:36 by ToxicConcepts

I will be back soon!! I have been so busy with focusing on my projects for college and my daily work at my job that I have no time to draw. I am looking to upgrade some of my equipment soon and hope to get back into it. A lot of my work has been web or print design, so I have nothing to share here.

Again, I hope that all changes soon especially after I graduate next June (2017).

Thanks for being patient and I promise I will be back!


- Tox

2016 Focus

2016-01-01 15:50:24 by ToxicConcepts

Well, 2016 is finally here! Now to think of all of the things I want to do this year to make last year seem like it never existed.

I start my next semester at Rasmussen College Online next week and can't wait. I will be focusing on Typography and Animation this term and can't wait to dive in. I hope to learn a lot and I hope it will better my style when it comes to designing and drawing images. I am always looking forward to tax time because that is what will fund most of my upgrades this year. I'm looking to build a PC for the first time this year and am looking to do more things with it that I couldn't do with my current PC. I am also looking at starting a Twitch channel this year to show of some of my work and how I go through the process. I would love to upgrade my tablets as well, like owning a Cintique, but we will have to see what i can do.

I really want to get into drawing comics this year as well. I love comic books and am a huge fan of DC Comics. One person I look up to and love looking at his work/projects is Jim Lee. He is simply amazing when it comes to drawing for comics and I hope to get to that point wihtin my art career. I am not getting younger and feel like I have wasted a lot of time, but everything happens for a reason. I chose to do the military thing first and it has set me back 9 years. Now I have all the time I need to focus on my school work, career, and my family as the days go by. I can say that I WILL NOT give up and will keep pushing forward.

Also, I will be doing more challenges this year. After doing the "EPIC SANTA" challenge for Jazza, I really enjoyed it and I loved the challenge. So I will plan to do more and will plan be part of every monthly challenge as long as Jazza supplies the I also enjoyed meeting Jonah Lobe from Bethesda last year on Twitter and Twitch and will still continue to watch him and his work from here on out. I hope if I ever make it to New York, that I will get to meet him in person some day.

There is so much more to look forward this year such as health, friends, and family. I can't wait to see what is set forth in my path for the year and can't wait to take it on!

Happy New Year Guys & Gals!!!!!

- ToxicConcepts